$250 per week - All forms of training / breaking / schooling work.

$30 per week - Grazing through Panorama Equestrian. Owners need to provide own feed including hay as needed for their individual horses. Hay is also available for sale from Panorama Equestrian at $10 a bale.

$50 for call out - Private training / lesson at your place or at Panorama Equestrian. *
$45 for a private lesson at Panorama Equestrian (for yourself or your horse)
$35 per person for a group lesson of two or more riders at Panorama Equestrian.

* Subject to time available and distance to location. Horses in work at Panorama will always take priority. This charge also applies for private lessons/sessions at Panorama Equestrian.


The maximum number of horses I have in work at any one point is no more than five. Each horse is worked at least five days per week, and generally no more than six. There are no 'set hours' or maximum number of 'training sessions' during the week, which allows me to work around each horse's individual learning ability, pace and problems. I also don't have any set work days or off days, as again this allows me to work around individual horses' needs, weather, other clients and so on.

Grazing is a separate charge and contract with Panorama Equestrian, and is subject to Panorama's grazing terms and conditions.

Please don't hestiate to ask any further questions you may have.