Pavel was born in Moscow, Russia and raised in Singapore where his family migrated to when he was eight. Pavel was always drawn to horses from a very young age, and just as he finished his military service where he trained K-9 dogs, an opportunity to work in a small riding school presented itself.

Although the riding school closed it's doors a mere six months later, he continued working with horses and riding at various riding establishments around Malaysia until, in 2006, he secured a scholarship to Marcus Oldham College in Australia. It was a challenge of sorts to not only try and gain more knowledge, but also to prove to himself that he can hold his own against people who have grown up with horses and were ahead of him by more than a decade in riding, lesson and horse experience. A year later, having specific interest in horse training philosophies and techniques, and spending work experience working for Steve Jefferys, he graduated with distinction.

From then on, Pavel went to America, where he spent a number of months working with difficult and problem horses, before finally moving to New Zealand in the late 2007. Although his initial job consisted of breaking in horses and training youngstock at Kyrewood Equestrian Centre in Palmerston North, it evolved into teaching both riding school and full time students studying NZQA equine courses offered by the centre, as well.

Equinestart started off as a minor sole-operation, using the facilities provided by Panorama Equestrian near Masterton in Wairarapa in 2015. This has now grown into a full time business for Pavel, covering South Wairarapa and offering the convenience of working with your horse at your own property. Pavel's philosophy relies on a quiet, 'no drama', and common sense approach, working with each horse as an individual, and towards that individual horse's future role in their owner's life.